Long Take Collective

This project was originally conceived by Leigh Anne Parry, an interdisciplinary artist, director, technician and researcher, Video Pool volunteer and current Executive Director at Young Lungs.

The following is a list of collaborators who have joined the team to present the 2016 show under the name the Long Take Collective:

Natasha Torres-Garner is an internationally presented choreographer, founding member and original Organization Director for Young Lungs Dance Exchange.

Co-Artistic Director and Production Designer of Theatre Incarnate, Head of Wardrobe at Prairie Theatre Exchange and independent theatre artist and costume designer Brenda McLean.

Canadian independent artist Ken Gregory whose work has been exhibited locally, nationally and internationally.

Andraea Sartison, theatre artist, producer and founding Artistic Director and Producer of One Trunk Theatre with an extensive background in event planning and a driving force behind many high profile Winnipeg events at the Forks and U of W.

Ryan Klatt, an artist, film maker and director/owner of SKYMAKER Films, a video production company specializing in aerial cinematography,

Internationally recognized multi-media artist, policy writer and designer Anders Swanson, is coordinator of the Winnipeg Trails Association, known in Winnipeg for his outdoor artwork, kinetic sculpture, and visionary work in the trails community.

The show is stage managed by visual artist Jennie O’Keefe and features performances by: Emma Beech, Ali Robson, Jill Groening, Charlene Van Beukenhout, Delf Gravert, Alex Elliott, Anaïs Bossé, Doug Melnyk, Frances Koncan, Darlene Dunn, Brittany Thiessen, Praba Pilar, Mia Van Leeuwen, Ming Hon, Alex Winters, Megan Sekiya, D-Anne Kuby, Zorya Arrow, Kristian Jordan, Chris Sabel, Brenda McLean, and Natasha Torres-Garner. 

Now what? Will you reserve your seat, or learn more about the show’s history, or prepare yourself for the journey?